Metagenomics @ Melbourne 2015

The Centre for Systems Genomics is holding a 1-day symposium on metagenomics and microbiome research on Tuesday November 17 at Bio21 (9:45 am -5:30 pm).

Metagenomics@Melbourne 2013

This free event will feature talks on a range of microbiome-related topics including new computational and lab methods, covering a range of application areas including the human microbiome in health and disease, environmental metagenomics, ecology, agriculture and ancient DNA.

Thanks to our sponsors there will be plenty of catered breaks in which to network with other researchers and local sequencing providers, helping to kick-start your new and planned microbiome projects.


Interstate & NZ Invited Speakers
• Phil Hugenholtz (Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, UQ), 2015 ARC Laureate – “Towards genome-resolved microbial ecology and evolution”
• Gene Tyson (Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, UQ), 2015 recipient of the ASM Frank Fenner Award
• Kim Handley (University of Auckland, NZ) – “The metagenomics of diverse environmental niches: from kitchen counter to deep sea”
• Laura Weyrich (Australian Centre for Ancient DNA) – “Lessons from Neandertal microbiota: working toward accurate metagenomic analysis from low-biomass samples”
• Aaron Darling (i3 Institute, UTS) – “Phylogenetic inference from metagenomic data. Can it be done?”

Special Guests
• Welcome from David Balding, Director of the Centre for Systems Genomics
• Closing remarks from Karen Day, Dean of Science

Gene Tyson presenting at Metagenomics@Melbourne 2013

Local Speakers
• Mark Osborn (RMIT) – “Aquatic Microbes in the Plastic Age”
• Madeleine van Oppen (BioSciences) – “The diversity and roles of coral-associated viruses”
• Len Harrison (WEHI) – “The Microbiome and Type 1 Diabetes”
• Gabrielle Belz (WEHI) – “Understanding the balance between innate lymphoid cells, adaptive cells and the microbiome”
• Pauline Mele (Microbial Ecology Group, AgriBio, DEDJTR/LTU) – “Soil microbial communities in Vineyard soils”
• Hazel Tye (WEHI) – “Microbiome and the NLRP1 inflammasome – implications in IBD”
• John Moreau (UoM Earth Sciences) – “Metagenomics of mercury cycling in Antarctic sea ice”
• Lavinia Gordon (AGRF) – “A practical guide to metagenomics”

Flash Talks
• Emily Wright (St Vincent’s) – “Recurrence of Crohn’s Disease after Intestinal Resection – Key Microbial Players”
• Heroen Verbruggen (BioSciences) – “Multi-marker metabarcoding reveals highly diverse algal microbiome within the skeletons of reef corals”
• Jocelyn Sietsma Penington (WEHI) – “Gut (faecal) microbiomes of mice from four different facilities.”
• Linda Blackall (Swinburne) – “Microbiomes in Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)”
• Tom May (Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria) – “Implications of the metagenomic bycatch of fungi for biosecurity and biodiversity”
• Jennifer Wiltshire (La Trobe) – “Selection and selectability: Understanding plant rhizosphere ecology in contaminated environments”
• Matthew Watts (UoM Earth Sciences) – “New insights into the genetics of thiocyanate biodegradation”
• Ryan Wick (Centre for Systems Genomics / UOM Biochemistry) – “Bandage assembly graph viewer – applications to metagenomics”
• Louise Judd (MCRI) – “Is the gastric microbiome the link between obesityand gastro-oesophageal cancer?”
• Neil Young (UoM Vet Sciences) – “Exploring genetic variation in Schistosoma japonicum in China”
• Howard Tang (Centre for Systems Genomics / UOM BioSciences) – “A glimpse into the genetics behind infant cough and wheeze”
• Slobodanka Stojkovic (RMIT)

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Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.00.38 amOrganisers: Kat Holt, Mike Inouye (Centre for Systems Genomics)

Programme Committee: John Moreau (Earth Sciences), Robin Gasser (Veterinary Sciences), Andy Giraud (MCRI), Tony Papenfuss (WEHI)