SysGen Seminars – Wednesday 26th October, 2016


The Centre for Systems Genomics will be hosting four 45-min research seminars by local and international speakers. See schedule below.

All welcome & encouraged to attend!

Wednesday, 26 October
Room G26 BioSciences 1 (Building 123)
10:30am – 11.15am Seminar  –  Dr. Cheong Xin Chan
Title: “Genomics of non-model systems: why do we care?”
11.15am – 12 noon Seminar –  Prof. Irene Gallego Romero
Title: “Beyond sequence comparisons: functional genomics approaches to human evolution.”
2.00pm – 2.45pm Seminar  – Dr. Anders Eriksson
Title: “Hurdles out of Africa: Reconstructing the genetic legacy of past selection and migrations in the human genome.”
2:45pm – 3.30pm Seminar – Dr. Zoran Nikolovski
Title: “Robustness and plasticity of complex phenotypic traits from constraint-based modelling.”