Kathryn Holt (Pathogen Genomics)


Kathryn Holt
Pathogen Genomics Lab
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Faculty of Medicine, Dental & Health Sciences

The Holt lab uses genomic approaches to investigate microbial populations and their impact on human disease. We are interested in the evolution and transmission of bacterial pathogens, with a focus on evolution of antibiotic resistance and host adaptation. We are also interested in diverse microbial communities (microbiomes), and their roles in both chronic disease and acute infections. We use a combination of phylogenetics, sequence analysis, comparative genomics, spatiotemporal analysis and epidemiological methods to analyse and interpret omic data, which we generate in close collaboration with other researchers, clinicians and public health labs.

Dr Sebastian Duchene
Dr Zoe Dyson
Dr Margaret Lam
Dr Shu Mei Teo (joint with Inouye Lab)
Dr Kelly Wyres
David Edwards
Ryan Wick

Claire Gorrie
Jane Hawkey
Stephen Watts
Yu Wan

Visiting/Co-supervised Students
Helen Crabb
Harriet Dashnow
Danielle Ingle