Michael Inouye (Integrative Genomics)

mikeMichael Inouye
Integrative Genomics Lab
School of BioSciences
Faculty of Science

The Inouye Lab aims to alleviate the burden of human disease by using its inter-disciplinary strengths in statistics, computation and bioscience to leverage the latest genomic/biomolecular profiling technologies. To do this, we focus on uncovering the genomic basis of complex disease, modelling the pathogenesis of molecular systems, and building predictive models for patient stratification and prioritisation. We are particularly interested in human diseases of inflammatory aetiology, such as cardiovascular disease, asthma, autoimmunity, and infectious disease. We are highly collaborative with many long-standing relationships amongst diverse research groups in Australia, Europe and the US.

Dr Sean Byars
Dr Shu Mei Teo (joint with Holt Lab)
Dr Liam Fearnley
Dr Lesley Raven

PhD students
Qinqin Huang
Artika Nath
Scott Ritchie
Dr Howard Tang
Yu Wan
Amy Hamilton
Owen Qin (starting Dec 2016)

Masters students
Dr Michael Walker

Andrew Bakshi
Dr Oneil Bhalala