Mike Goddard

aas. Micahel with certifcate ...fellow...May 2012. smaller file than the otherMike Goddard
Agriculture and Food Systems
University of Melbourne


Professor Goddard graduated with a B.V.Sc (Hons) from the University of Melbourne in 1972. Professor Goddard completed his PhD studies in 1977, also at the University of Melbourne, before accepting a position as lecturer in biometry at the Graduate School of Tropical Veterinary Science, James Cook University of North Queensland. Professor Goddard’s current position is a joint appointment with the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Training and Resources. His research focuses on genetics of complex traits in livestock and in humans, especially the use of genomic data to predict genetic value in livestock and future phenotype in humans. His research aimed at the genetic improvement of dairy and beef cattle and pigs and the application of genomics to genetic improvement of these species has had broad application and very wide recognition throughout the world.