Name Role Status
Gad Abraham Group leader staff
Andrew Bakshi Inouye lab staff
David Balding Group leader staff
Greg Bass Crampin lab student
Oneil Bhalala Inouye lab student
David Budden Crampin lab student
Sean Byars Inouye lab staff
Helen Crabb Holt lab visiting student
Edmund Crampin Group leader staff
Joe Cursons Crampin lab staff
Harriet Dashnow Holt lab visitingstudent
Zoe Dyson Holt lab staff
Sebastian Duchene Holt lab staff
David Edwards Holt lab staff
Matt Faria Crampin lab student
Ashley Farlow Leslie lab staff
Liam Fearnley Inouye lab staff
Claire Gorrie Holt lab student
Lesley Gray (Raven) Inouye lab staff
Amy Hamilton Inouye lab student
Jane Hawkey Holt lab student
Kat Holt Group leader staff
Qinqin Huang Inouye lab student
Danielle Ingle Holt lab student
Michael Inouye Group leader staff
Louise Judd Laboratory Manager staff
Margaret Lam Holt lab staff
Stephen Leslie Group leader staff
Kevin Lu Abraham lab student
Allan Motyer Leslie lab staff
Artika Nath Inouye lab student
Michael Pan Crampin lab student
Scott Ritchie Inouye lab student
Andrew Siebel Research Manager staff
Howard Tang Inouye lab student
Shu Mei Teo Inouye lab staff
Damjan Vukcevic Leslie lab staff
Kristijan Vukovic Inouye lab student
Michael Walker Inouye lab student
Yu Wan Holt lab student
Stephen Watts Holt lab student
Ryan Wick Holt lab staff
Kelly Wyres Holt lab staff

Centre Research Manager


Andrew Siebel

Andrew completed his undergraduate BSc(Hons) degree in Zoology and Physiology at The University of Melbourne (1996-1999). His PhD was in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology enrolled through the Department of Zoology, the University of Melbourne and Howard Florey Institute. Andrew then received a prestigious NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship (2005-2009) to work on developmental programming of adult disease in the Department of Physiology. He moved to the Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Research Institute in 2009 to work firstly in the Human Epigenetics laboratory, then the Metabolic and Vascular Physiology laboratory (2010-2015). His research interests include cardiovascular physiology, glucose metabolism, lipid biology and interventional clinical trials.

Lab Manager

MCRI Headshots 2014

Louise Judd

Louise has undergraduate degrees in immunology, pathology and genetics and a PhD in immune and autoimmune responses in the stomach, including characterisation of the pathological response of the stomach to inflammation. She completed postdoctoral studies in the USA on the physiology of ion transport in the gut and kidney. More recently she has co-lead the Gastrointestinal Research in Inflammation and Pathology lab (GRIP) at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, a research group focusing on the consequences of chronic inflammation of the gut which results in diseases including gastric cancer, peptic ulcer disease, eosinophilic oesophagitis, inflammatory bowel disease and Barrett’s oesophagitis.